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March(ing) Along

Did you know there’s not that much difference between a new year and a new month? Did you know that a lot of organizations start their financial year during months like April, June and August? What does that mean? That their new year runs on a different calendar, so too their aspirations, deliverables, deadlines and financial planning. Did you know that you are allowed to do the same? There is no law that states you must be constrained by the calendar or pressured by the seasons; you can live, thrive, plan and pursue at your own pace. When we open ourselves up to the reality that our reality is constructed by how we choose to construct it we actually relieve pressure and set ourselves free.

This post is for anyone struggling to kick start their year. For those who feel they have wasted time and time is running out. For those who were hoping to start the new year with a new job/relationship/business/motto and things are yet to come together. This new year post, two full months into the new year, on the fifth day of the third month is for those who feel they need to play catch up. We are recommended rather than catching up, just start from where you find yourself and forgive all external and internal factors that have caused this perceived delay.

Therefore, let me start by saying: Happy New Year! This post is not late, it has been a long time coming and it has arrived right on time. How so? Well have you ever started a new year/season feeling unprepared? Perhaps you were traveling at the time, fell ill, lost a loved one, lost a source of income, had no idea what you wanted to resolve to do in the next season, etc. and so ended up with the new year blues? I have.

We are encouraged to constantly plan, to set new goals, to kick off new years and seasons raring to go, but as some of us might be able to attest, this is not always the case. Life is not a race you know? Not even with yourself. And sometimes life actually gets in the way of planning for life and you just have to live it the best you can at the time. You might have designated a certain milestone and decided what date/time/season you would reach it by, but when hurdles, roadblocks and unexpected falls get in the way it is okay to just live.
Sometimes you will not know what you want to do. Sometimes the deadlines for everything changes based on unforeseen extenuating circumstances. Sometimes something sweeps you off your feet in unexpected ways and changes the timelines and trajectories of everything. This does not mean you have to throw away your entire plan or that you have failed to execute and therefore must assess your estimation of self; sometimes it just means catch your breath, recuperate and try again later. The harvest (where you reap the efforts and investments you have sowed), do not always occur according to our own timelines so even if you have already put in all the work and the results are yet to manifest, hang in there.

The only motivational message I have for you today is to say – it’s okay! We do not always have to be prepared. We do not always have to know the exact thing we want to say or do. Sometimes we can embrace the unknown and the uncertainty, not let the pressure of false deadlines or trends upset us and really just sprint, run, walk, hop or even crawl at our own pace. This too is permissible.

Do you know what else is permissible? Whatever we allow. Take a deep breath. The year is still “new,” and even when it is fairly worn, at the halfway mark and coming towards a close opportunities will still abound. Where there is life, there is hope. If you need a new thing to do a new thing remember – there are new hours, days, weeks and months up ahead till infinity and beyond. So just focus on doing what you need to to secure life initially then work on fanning the flames of hope, investing the actions necessary and channeling the positivity required to sustain movement later. Have the happiest, healthiest and best of the rest of your year.

Zeni St. John

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