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Reclaiming My Time

Have you ever experienced that awkward pause when money falls to the ground? There is usually a crisp tension in the air. It is unnatural. No matter how busy, tired, hot, bothered or rushed the person who drops the money is, they always take the time to pick it up. They stop what they are doing and retrieve their money. You just don’t throw money away. It is simply not done. Perhaps this is because money is finite. You only have access to a certain amount of it. No matter how large that amount is it is still finite. Therefore no matter how well you are doing and how much you have stored, saved or invested you are unlikely to be indifferent when you lose it or drop it and you are unlikely to abuse it.


Are you aware that time is also currency? Are you aware that time is money? Are you aware that every single day and over the course of your life you only have a finite amount of time? Have you ever thought about the fact that you can never get your time back? Are you aware that once you spend it its gone and you cannot earn it back? For example if you decided to sleep in on Saturday till noon, when your alarm rings and you start your day you cannot rewind it. No matter how much you are willing to pay for it you cannot gain back the time you have already spent. Your start time is noon and nothing can be done about it. Time past is past, no matter how you passed it.
This begs a very serious question – how are you spending your time? Do you realize what it is worth? You can always make more money however you can never manufacture more time. Therefore time is truly precious and it is indeed finite. Make sure you are spending your time in ways that strengthen your body, nurture your soul, build your dreams and make you happy. Make sure you are spending your time in worthwhile ways. Make sure you are investing your time in the right people, the right places, the right actions – whatever that means to you. Make sure you are a good custodian of your time.


Another year is coming to an end and with this comes the realization that time really does fly. And it does not only fly when you are having fun. Whether you are spending it sleeping and living in dream land, digging deeper into pain and the destruction of toxic relationships or investing it in a job you hate – it is still moving at the same pace. Therefore you might as well spend it in ways you can look back on with pleasure, pride and purpose; with an awareness that you have spent passion and avoided waste.


Stop throwing your time away. You would not throw your money away and quite frankly your time is more valuable. So be present when you are present. Truly give things your best shot once you determine it is worth doing, and if it is not worth doing then don’t waste your time on it to begin with. Reclaim what time you do have, ensure you are spending it well and realize in whatever you are doing you are spending it. So be comfortable with how much time you are spending in the activities you are spending them in and spend it well. Time is too finite to waste and too precious to squander. Reclaim your time and spend it living your best life.


Do not fast forward to the future, enjoy the present, invest during the present and look forward to reaping an even brighter future. People often are very quick to skip over the last quarter, declare a year lost and start looking forward to the next year. Phrases of “in 2019 I will,” and “that will be the year when” are already flying around. This is a very expensive move. If you did not have the amount of money you wanted in your bank account would you withdraw all you do have and throw it away? Or would you look for ways to invest it, save it and spend it on what matters most? Do similar with the currency on time. We cannot afford to throw away a day, never mind two good and able months. So do not fast forward to the future, instead take stock of what time and energy you have left and make the very most of it. Time is precious, spend it well. Reclaim your time, be present in your present and enjoy the gift of every moment while you are still in it.



Zeni St. John

  • Stella-Rita

    The issue of time is one we always have to contend with for from the day we are born we begin to approach or death. What we do with the time between the two points is so crucial. I have issues as I mentioned to you a few months ago about kindly giving my money but will not give my time. That’s not in the sense of not caring but making a distinction between spending and investing. I can’t remember where I read this but it’s said that people guard their estates jealously and could go to court over it but most of the time invite others to come in and squander their time that is irreplaceable.
    So investing time is profitable for a whole range of life matters but spending time is wasteful.
    Another great insight Zen.

    November 7, 2018 at 4:25 pm Reply
  • Stella

    “Do not fast forward to the future” is definitely making my ‘2018 words of wisdom’ list. Thanks!

    November 7, 2018 at 4:45 pm Reply

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