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But Darling, What If You Fly?

Is there a dream or a desire that you have had for as long as you can remember? Have you always seen a life that is bigger, better, fuller and more fulfilling than the one you currently have? Is there a skill or talent that you know is connected to your purpose and destiny? Have you been doing everything you can to connect the dots, advance towards the goal and achieve that thing which tugs at your heart? If yes, wonderful! This address is for those who know what they carry, who know what they are meant to do, who know how much bigger their lives could be, yet they do nothing and stay put right where they are. This address is for those who should be leaping out of the nest which they have outgrown and testing their wings yet they refuse to try and are afraid to fly.


There are some of us who know who we are destined to be, who know the exact talent(s) that connect our present person to our future purpose, and who know at least the preliminary steps to take to advance towards the goal – yet we do not! Year after year we recycle the same ‘to do list.’ We write out the same contact this person, finish developing that, launch this, etc. knowing deep down we are not actually taking these steps towards fulfilling purpose. We are easily motivated, truly passionate but paralyzed – perhaps by fear.


It is okay to be afraid. It is okay to wonder what if you take that leap of faith and end up falling flat on your face. It is okay to admit that you do not have all the answers. It is okay to recognize that you are not 100% sure if your wings will carry you on the flight. However you need to realize that drive and determination in motion are enough to start. You need to consider that if you start now, with what you have now, where you will end up will certainly be further along. You need to accept that courage is not the absence of fear, that your feelings can be overridden, that ‘doing it afraid’ is still doing it. You need to come to the realization that playing it safe serves no one and you owe it to yourself to lunge into the unknown and do it anyway. You need to realize that your emotions will never become more courageous, the moment will never be just right and that sometimes you just have to jump before you can determine what will happen next.


The first step requires complete honesty. Tell yourself that the universe is not conspiring against you and haters are not holding you back – rather you are simply not giving it your all. Admit to yourself that you are afraid of the unknown and accept that this is okay. You are allowed to be terrified of the potential success and of operating in a realm you have never been to. It is okay if you are equally afraid of success and afraid of failure, once you admit that possibility the chances of self-sabotage can easily be diminished. Think about you – afraid if you do, afraid if you don’t; you might as well just do then right? If you can recognize that the reason you are refusing to do the destiny-related items on your to do list is because you are afraid of advancing towards the goal and getting closer to the unknown you will stop making excuses for yourself, truly be able to take stock of your life and your achievements and either cancel the dream or finally get on with it. Yes you are afraid, but you still really want it right? You want that dream, you want that added purpose, you want that advancement? Then go and get it!


The next step requires complete discipline. When you realize how much time you have wasted and how many deadlines you have delayed you will be able to see that you do in fact have the time to pursue your deepest dreams. The excuses of being too busy, too overworked, having too many responsibilities, etc. will all fade away because the truth is you were simply running away from something that was so big it scared you. Now that you have applied honesty and decided to go for it you can truly be more disciplined, scheduling time and channeling energy towards what you want to build and who you want to be.


Additional steps include dedication, drive and making that final decision. You do not need to wait for a new year to roll around, for your birthday which marks the beginning of a new season, for rock bottom to rise up and meet you or for a new person to come and inspire you afresh. Search within, look above, confront your fears and decide to do it anyway. Tick off what you know you should do, expand your to do list to include something new, make steps towards your goals diligently and earnestly and strive to achieve that which your heart desires. Do not worry about failure – if you do not succeed the first time it will be waiting for you at the finish line and you can confront it when you get there. Do not even worry too much about success – just do what you know needs to be done and take it one step at a time.


Why waste time running and postponing that which is your true purpose? Why continue living a life that is below your dreams and deepest desires? Why keep your talents bottled up and have your feelings muddled up by working, doing, achieving things that are not in line with your destiny? There’s only one you and what you have been called to do will inspire others, bless others, give others permission to pursue their own dreams, set your truest self free and make you ultimately more happy so go for it! Do it afraid. Do it anyway. Do those things you know to do as you gain more knowledge about what else you should do. Pursue your dreams and watch your destiny start to pursue and surround you! Jump out of the nest, you’re your wings, head in the direction of your dreams. What if you fall? But darling, what if you fly?

Zeni St. John

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    It’s meet for the season
    Well-done dear

    September 30, 2018 at 8:50 pm Reply

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