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Big, Bigger, then Biggest

There is a tension that exists between where you are and where you are going. There is a tension that exists between what you see when you dream and the reality you encounter when you open your eyes. There is a tension that exists between your current roles and responsibilities and your future ascension to your tailor-made throne. In that tension lies the change and the tools required to bridge the gap and progress from one state of being to another. If that tension is handled appropriately it inspires, propels and accelerates your journey – especially when you are on the right path (both physically and mentally). However, if that tension is improperly channeled and filtered through a negative perspective it can serve you wrong. Then it can dissuade you from fully and passionately participating in your current life, which ultimately makes it a distraction, a detractor and a disease. How are you using your tension?


Sometimes we think our lives should have progressed at a much quicker pace than they have. We know we are made for more, and sometimes rather than focusing on working, saying and praying our way towards that more, we allow bitterness to take root. Sometimes it comes in through the open door of comparison, other times it is ushered in through our own calculations. Our calculations say ‘with the input of these resources, this background and this progress to date – I should be at x.’ When calculations fail and you cannot find ‘x’ for one reason or another, it is feasible to get frustrated and begin to feel all kinds of negative feelings. There is nothing unusual about negative emotions coming, the problem lies when they are allowed to stay and get entertained. When you add negative emotions to the tension between the present and the future you get a losing formula, one that encourages a disconnect from the present and a fixation on the future. This, as you might imagine, is not progressive nor is it productive.


When dreams and visions are not backed by right action and positivity they can actually do more harm than good. If the purpose of one’s dreams are to escape from reality, disconnect from our present state of being and disassociate with our real life then it becomes more of a nightmare. This kind of dreaming erodes our present and strips us of some of the things we already have. This is problematic as it leaves us not only be further away from our future but it also serves to downgrade our present state. For example, it is possible that while you are longing for more and seeing yourself much further ahead (with a sense of bitterness, annoyance and frustration) you become negligent of where you currently are.


You may be praying for a job with travel, but when you get sent on a 4-hour road trip instead of a 13-hour business class international flight you might become neglectful and fail to do what you were sent to. You may be expecting to have reached a certain point in your career, probably even well deserved, but when you are stuck at a lower level you may begin to cut corners, complain and criticize upper management for not doing it the way you would have as the ‘well deserved owner of the role.’ You may be dreaming of how you will spoil your significant other and love on them real good when that one deal clicks, yet spend the time you currently have together distracted, upset and uptight. Be careful, you might end up losing what you are not appreciating or nurturing.


Do not look down on the tasks, roles, opportunities and commitments you currently have while you dream of bigger and better. Maybe you want to be a world-renowned author, keep aspiring, however do not neglect your small weekly blog. You may dream of becoming a country manager yet you only get 5 days a month to consult at the moment, keep aspiring, however carry out your 5 days of work with diligence and excellence. You may long to spoil your partner but lack the resources, keep aspiring, however do what you can – be patient, kind, helpful, loving and encouraging (all of these cost you nothing).


Fixating on the future without investing in it only leads to frustration. Yes, I do believe we can all accomplish our dreams, however I do not believe it will happen merely with the passage of time or simply because. There is not a certain age one reaches where everything simply falls into place regardless of investment or external forces. Rather, there is work to be done. Even for those who are not quite yet sure and have not yet dreamed of destiny with clarity – there is still a general trajectory one can follow to build oneself up, to strengthen one’s strengths, to align oneself with inspirational and educative people, to renew one’s mind and to equip oneself for greatness.


Let the tension work for you, not against you. Keep the vision in mind and stay positive, however do not let the big ahead distract you from the little that lives in the present. Do the little well, do it as if it were the biggest task in the world and do it brilliantly. Praying for big breaks while scoffing at small opportunities will not get you where you are going. Keep a consistent reputation regardless of the size or scope of the task, commitment or investment – stay faithful, stay productive and stay reliable and what is yours will find its way to you. Embrace the tension, let it bring out the best in you. Use every opportunity as a chance to learn, grow, deepen and test run for the future. You may not have everything you want, but what are you doing with what you do have?


Do not look down on the present and expect to be gifted a better future. Do your best now and watch things transform for the better. You never know what will count so make everything count. You never know which right action will propel you further down your path to greatness, so act right always. Build the discipline, the right outlook, the work ethic and the positive attitude now – because they will serve you for a lifetime. Be faithful with your little, then you will receive more and be able to sustain it. Things may not be moving according to your own timeline but keep your (work) boots on the ground, keep your mind set to your current tasks, keep your dreams in view and let the tension inspire

Zeni St. John

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