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What Do You Have in Your Hands?

People are successful for all sorts of reasons. They are wealthy for all sorts of reasons. Their claim to fame has come from so many different things. What do you have in your hands? What are you good at? What do you feel strong and energized when you do? What compliments do you receive? What criticisms do you receive? What are you passionate about? What resources are available to you? In what areas do you stand out? What sets you apart? What is the context in which you exist and how can it help you achieve what you would like to?


Recently a young woman from a famous tv family built a cosmetic line in three years that is now worth over $900 million dollars. She is 20 years old. Before she was born there were lots of successful cosmetic lines, growing up there were lots of successful cosmetic lines, when she started her company… I think you get the point. She had major insecurities about her lips, which she was criticized for and ended up modifying. She then used her ‘new and improved lips’ to market her lip kits and so the story began and the dollars poured in. There are those who criticized her and her family from the onset. Now that she is on the cover of Forbes and set to be the youngest self made billionaire it begs a lot of questions… Primarily: what have you got in your hands?


We all have seeds of greatness planted on the inside of us. We all have unique fingerprints, no two are alike. Each and every one of us is unique! We all have talents that will take us into our destiny if we would but focus and direct our energies. There are people strewn across the internet that are arguing the definition of “self made” and insisting everything this young lady has was handed to her. These same critics fail to remember that her older brother has been in a prolonged phase of depression and lack of productivity, proving that conditions are not everything and individual decisions matter.


The mindset of those engaged in this argument is dangerous. It is one that discredits the success stories of anyone that did not come from a “grass to grace” trajectory. It is one that makes excuses for oneself. It argues that success is a formula that involves more opportunity and upbringing than hard work, discipline, self awareness and passion. It is a mindset that imprisons the thinker and causes their external focus to be bitter rather than an internal focus that is better able to identify what they have in their hands that can take them into their destinies.


The people with this mindset are not the target audience for this article. We are not here to determine who deserves and who does not deserve success. After all we believe that every single person deserves their own unique tailor made success and can indeed walk in destiny based on their skills and talents. We are not here to throw a pity party with a guest list of those who came up with nothing and therefore cannot make it now. After all we do not believe in excuses or wallowing in self pity. No matter how bleak the outlook we strongly hold true that as long as there is life there is indeed hope. We are not here to claim that with exactly the same opportunity we would have been able to achieve the same results. After all, what is the point of attempting to force yourself into someone else’s shoes when you could use the time training yourself to run and then fly? We are not in the habit of feeding into the comparison culture – it is a time wasting exercise that makes no sense.


We are the ones who are destined to win, and so we focus on that. We recognize success in all its forms and draw lessons and inspiration from it. We look within and around to determine what we have in our hands and hearts and we set to work to water the seeds of greatness and achieve our ultimate destiny. People have become successful from cooking, starting cleaning companies, developing applications, opening schools, writing, acting, socializing, report, recording, providing sound quality and stage lighting, banking, painting, politicking, introducing brand new schools of thought and the list goes on. Some people have become billionaires at 23 while others’ first achievements were recorded at 71, and all ages and stages in between. Let this realization release you. Sometimes we fixate on one successful model failing to realize that there are success stories across the spectrum and ours could be next!


There are success stories across the spectrum. Those who came from nothing. Those who were born with silver spoons and famous platforms. Those who were born into billionaire families. Those who were born in the right country with the right opportunities. Those who came up in war torn countries, lost everything, immigrated… The truth is we all belong to one class of ‘those who’ or another. “Those who” is just the story people tell after the fact. If you focus on examining the particular ingredients that contributed to the success said person is now enjoying you will find a common denominator that runs through all success stories. It includes the identification of talents/desire/passion; the utilization of energy, time, intelligence; and the application of grit, determination, hard work. None of us lack this, it is just a matter of accessing it and directing it accordingly.


Who you are, your background, your age, your passion, your purpose and your pursuit of it could be the next model for success. When someone does it at 29 it makes the headlines. When another achieves it at 52 it makes the headlines. Focus on using you to make your own headlines. And let those headlines be directly connected to your ultimate happiness and alignment with who you believe you are destined to be. Do not worry about whether the ship has sailed or whether you feel you are peaking too soon – these thoughts are based on someone else’s timelines. Focus on doing you. Take stock of what you have in your hands, revisit your plans and get to work. There is no age, education, gender, socio-economic class or other factor that can hinder your success. The mould has been broken and success is up for grabs in abundant excess supply, for each and everyone who is willing to try, try, try again.

Zeni St. John

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