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Time and Tide Wait for No (Wo)Man

If you are like us you probably entered 2018 with fresh energy! This was going to be your most prosperous, most productive and most passionate year yet. You were going to live out loud, love unconditionally, seize moments, crush goals and simply enjoy your best life. You probably started the year adhering to a new fitness regime – eating clean and training dirty, drawing up the blueprints for your dream business while applying to the job you actually deserve and every other good intention in between. You probably started off your days with thanksgiving prayers, to do lists and positive powerful mantras. Insert the usual well-advised intentional goals that provide us with better habits and better outcomes.


Well, welcome to the second quarter of twenty-eighteen. We are well into it now. Have you been drinking more water? Exercising more? Are you taking more risks? Are you breathing life into the amazing ideas in your head and the unique aspirations in your heart? Have you finally started to chase your dreams? Are you living life in the moment and looking expectantly towards the future without letting worry or fear steal your time or your peace? Have you earned anything more? Built anything bigger? Grown anything? Sown anything?


Something tells me that for some of us we have fallen off somewhere along the line. We are not quite as far as we want to be in the progression of things. All our first quarter goals might not yet be ticked off the list and quarter two goals might not even be set yet. There is probably a less enthusiastic inner voice telling you crazy things such as: ‘Your job isn’t so bad – after all you are comfortable, why aspire for more? So what if you never write a book – majority of people never do anyway. What’s the point of depriving yourself of certain foods – after all life is short. Why bother working out so hard – after all there are people with much higher percentage body fat who are in worse shape than you. Why stress yourself by continuing to wake up early for all these extracurricular exercises – after all it only takes you 30 minutes to get ready for work and extra sleep is always nice. Why bother getting another degree or obtaining an academic certificate – at your age you might as well just face whatever path you’ve been on and try to make headway.’ Essentially there is an echo of “I can’t come and stress/kill myself. I’ll just take it easy instead.” You have shifted gears from acceleration into thriving mode to just coasting in surviving mode.


Remember that age-old adage – the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results? Well, it is true. Your life won’t change unless you change. Unless you change your thoughts, change your habits, change your actions. The life you have always longed for will not come to you as a factor of age, time or circumstance. You have to go out of your way and go and get it! You might roll your eyes wondering ‘who has energy for that?’ Well, for starters, you do! Remember at the beginning of the year when you decided you would do more, give more and be more. You are still that same person with that pent up passion and potential. The time is now.


The year is speeding by and your goals are getting away from you. The realization of this might leave you feeling a bit down and frustrated. This is normal. Don’t dwell on those feelings. Welcome, once again, to the second quarter of this new year! As we approach halftime you’ve got to get your energy levels up. Psyche yourself, take a short water break and get back into the game! There is more than enough time to achieve all your goals, even if you slacked for the first three+ months. Just put the magic ingredient back in – you – and focus on the task at hand. What you are not allowed to do is let yourself go. You are not allowed to lower the bar! You are not allowed to sit on the sidelines to your own show. You are not allowed to simply exist in a state of dispassionate monotony letting the days, weeks, months and seasons pass you by – no matter how you feel.


Feelings are fickle and reality is real, so if you’ve fallen into a bit of a slump as we embrace the second quarter of 2018, it is time to shake it off and get back on track. Remember, we have a tendency to overrate our feelings. Yes, you might be feeling lazy, tired, fed up or just disinterested but you need to hit override. Override your feelings. We cannot allow something that is so easily swayed and affected affect our big picture long term lives. After all, feelings are altered by so many non-factors – bad weather, a rude taxi driver, a grumpy colleague, a selfish partner, a fussy baby, a stubbed toe, an unrepentant NEPA/electricity supply, a dodgy water board, and in some cases perhaps just the passage of time and the shocking realization that it’s already Month 4.
A lot of people condemn a useful week, write off a potential filled month, and sign out of what could be a magical quarter simply because small things have affected their mood and their drive. Or because they become paralyzed by overanalyzing their past actions, failures, decisions and inactions. It ought not to be so. There is never really any point where we can fold our hands, put up our feet and call it a day. Especially not so early in the game. We’ve got to keep our dreams in mind, our feelings in check, and our actions aligned to hitting milestones and achieving our goals. One, two, three – Energize! The year is young and we are strong – let’s get it.



Zeni St. John

  • Udodirim

    I constantly have to remind myself to keep the wheels turning even though speed bumps had rocked my first quater like no tomorrow. This piece is very timely and i am loving how you have taken your time to remind us to keep going with the dream in mind regardless the time of the year. Thank you Zeni

    April 26, 2018 at 12:05 pm Reply

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