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Chase Your Dreams

Shout it from the mountain tops

But whisper it in the congregation

The purpose is not validation

And popular opinion does not grant accreditation


Sing it to your soul in the early morn

Feed it with dedication

But hasten not to take out adverts

It needs no orientation


Build the dream not the team

Close your ears to the naysayers

Tick the items off your list

Open your heart to the prayers


You can achieve

Even when it feels crowded

The vision will become clear

Even though initially shrouded


Don’t let distractions prevail

Don’t pick up the heaviness

Dig a little deeper within

Soon you will strike success


Do what your heart tells you

Build what your eyes envision

Build with unprecedented tenacity

Build it to precision


Don’t test out the soundness

On every Frank, Femi and Faith

Have a little of your own faith

And run your own race


Don’t worry about your plans fitting in

Settle in to your unique space

Get stuck in your own head

Move at your own rapid pace


Give your blueprints a foundation

Don’t give up before you start

Dig and pour the concrete

Manage it from the heart


Don’t fear little beginnings

Celebrate the little winnings

Refuse to be deterred or dissuaded

Hit hard, make your innings


Dream chase

Until you’re winning

Run faster, until you’re breathless

This is just the beginning


Ignore the exploding lung sensation

Don’t let anything slow you down

Only temper your dreams with patience

And forge on without hesitation


Run past the stress

Do not stop till you pass go

Do not fold when you hear no

Do not buckle when they don’t flow


Do not give up when you feel low

Do not back up when it feels slow

Do not (insert what you already know)

Let that fear go! Let that dream grow!


Chase your dreams

Overtake them

Chase your dreams

Without hesitation


Don’t check the forecast

Don’t fear the precipitation

Don’t listen to relations

Put your first name first


Build your own damn dream

Do it for the thirst

Do it for the thrill

Do it for your will

Do it for your legacy

Do it with tenacity

Do it

Do it

Do it


Do it for yourself first

Or nobody else will

Do it cuz you can

Do it according to your master plan

Do it to attain peace

Build your masterpiece


Breathe life into your blueprints

You’ve already been dealt the winning hand

Play your cards confidently

Dance to the tune of your own band


Chase your dreams

Until you become your own brand


Zeni St. John

  • BobbuBrowne

    Hello! Cool post, amazing!!!

    May 3, 2017 at 8:40 pm Reply
  • O-Squared

    This is awesome
    Your words come golden
    The craft, heartwarming
    The piece, rich, inspiring

    May 9, 2018 at 10:33 pm Reply

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