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Sunshine in Every Season


What you focus on grows. If you focus on finding the bright side of things, you will see the sunshine in every season. Whether it is a single ray or a full-blown sunny afternoon, your entire day will be illuminated. When you look to the light the shadows will fall behind you and your path and your heart will be filled with that light(ness) of being. The light will bring other things to light and you will find even more to be thankful for. What starts off as a silver lining or a ray of sunlight will be multiplied as you focus on it, and soon you might find yourself having a beautiful day. No matter what season you are going through, find the light. The Sun shines constantly so be sure to find the sunshine in every season. If you do not believe me, try it for yourself.


Let us use the natural seasons and the actual Sun as a point of reference. Is there ever a time you assume the Sun is not shining? No. Because we all know that the Sun shines constantly and what changes is our position in reference to it. The Sun is at the center of our solar system and the planets orbit around the Sun, therefore the constant is that the Sun shines, no matter what is happening around it. Think about the natural seasons. It does not matter if it is the dead of winter, the chill of harmattan or a flood filled rainy season; the Sun actually never goes away. It’s intensity might vary, it’s presence might be less noticeable, but it is always there constant and steady – every single day – whether you see it or not.


It is our duty to find the Sun in every season. No matter what we are going through, there is always a bright(er) side. Things may not look good, but they could always be worse. So instead of lamenting over what is lost, what it cost or what you feel is missing you can focus on the bright side of the season. There are popular seasons that people often deem as dark – and this is understandable. These include the loss of a loved one, times of poor health, the loss of a job or general unemployment, times of financial lack, trying for a baby, the loss of a relationship, the experience of heartbreak and the list goes on.


I am here to still say there is still sunshine in every season, regardless of how gloomy it may appear on first glance. When you lose a loved one that means you had a loved one. Celebrate their life and the impact you had on one another. Some people are all alone and wish they could experience love even for a season. When you are in poor health, dwell on times when you were healthy and strong. Be grateful for all the energy you have had and make plans for what you will do when your health is restored. Remember those who never get better, those who would trade their state of health for yours because it would be a drastic improvement on what they are dealing with. Appreciate the body you have and make plans to take the best care of it always.


Sunshine remains in every season. The loss of a job means you had a job, you were employable and can be again. It means you have skills to offer the job market, whether in a similar or better position or by starting your own thing. Learn from your previous experience, make necessary improvements (there is always room for improvement) and realize the blessings you have had and focus on the ones you want to have in the future. When you lose love it gives you an appreciation of sharing a special bond with someone. It teaches you what you want and what you do not want in that special relationship. It allows you to see areas where you can grow and qualities that are important for you to possess and appreciate in another and vice versa. The loss of love highlights how important love is and allows you to try and retrace your steps or prepare for new love to enter your life. It also teaches you self love, because you cannot give what you do not have. And the list goes on of seemingly dark situations where sunshine abounds.


The skill of finding the Sun is one that will serve you well all the days of your life. Challenges come, dark clouds gather, sometimes it rains and sometimes it storms, yet the Sun always shines. Learn to turn your compass and your focus towards the Sun. Learn to find and appreciate the bright side of situations and you will notice that the glow grows. Find the Sun in every season. Find what is bright, beautiful, positive, comforting and a blessing. No situation is all bad, there is always a good side and something to be thankful for. You will find that when you focus on finding the good, it becomes easier and easier to find more good things. What starts off as a sliver of light can end up illuminating your whole night and turning it into a bright sunshiny day.

Zeni St. John

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