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It’s Time To Tune In


Give me a “Q”

Give me a “U”

Give me an “E”

Give me another “E”

Give me an “N”

What does that spell? “QUEEN!”
Did you spell it with enthusiasm? Did you spell it thinking of yourself as the object of the cheer or was there another woman that came to mind?

*Kindly replace with “KING” for our male readers.


Are you your own greatest cheerleader? Are you lending a voice to the praises, the compliments, the positivity that swirls around you? After all if you have started to be careful little eyes what you see, be careful little feet where you go and stay and be careful little ears what you listen to (as we discussed in the February series) – you now live in a magical environment that is positively charged. So what do you do here? Well for one you need to ensure you’ve got the right soundtrack playing for the rest of your journey. You need to tune your internal radio to a positive frequency to ensure that your internal voice is speaking and singing just the right things to help you mentally elevate and physically accelerate your efforts.


While the voices of others can be escaped, avoided, tuned out and recorded over, you can never escape your own voice. Therefore it is important to be self aware – being cognizant of what you are thinking about and listening closely to what you are telling yourself. It is also important to be self moderating – realizing what your internal dialogue is saying, amending it, changing it, reinforcing it and reaffirming that which you want to hear.


Words do not always come from without; sometimes the words we need to banish are our own. Sometimes words are planted by our own self-doubt, watered by failures or slips and falls, and nurtured by our lack of self-confidence. Then when we have the audacity to start hoping again, the temerity to dream big dreams and the boldness to rise above and reach for more, we end up grounded and sunken by our own fears, doubts and worries.


Sometimes there is a voice in our head telling us we are not good enough, we are not there yet, we do not have what it takes. There is a voice of self-loathing, a voice of comparison where we always come out the loser, a voice of admonishment and shame. It is a voice that we need to shut up! That voice does not deserve to have a microphone, it should not get to speak over your destiny and it should not get to determine your present outlook or how your future will look.


Do an honest analysis. How positive is your own voice? Does your voice echo self-belief and sing your own praises? Does it encourage you to take risks and remind you that even if you fell down you have everything you need to get back up and succeed the second time around? Does it sound like someone you used to know – someone you distanced yourself from or tuned out because they were always discouraging you and being a prophet of doom? Does it sound like a wicked teacher, a spiteful relative or a doom and gloom acquaintance? It is important to hear what your voice is saying and the general tone in which it speaks, because your ears are listening, your faith is listening, your heart is listening and your aspirations and energy are aligning to your voice. Therefore you better join the listening party and take over the role of DJ if something does not sound right.


Your voice is like a radio station. Believe it or not you’ve got options. If you do not like how you are feeling, pay attention to what you are hearing. In similar fashion, if you do not like what you are saying to yourself change the station! Tune your frequency to positivity. Remind yourself that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are unique. You are intelligent. You are attractive. You can be whatever you set out to be. You can achieve the desires in your heart and bring them to fruition. You have the ability to bring joy to others. You have the resources to impact someone else’s life. You have the strength to suppress your weaknesses, the willpower to harness your strengths and the discipline to do the necessary to achieve your goals. It is all in the speaking, the listening and the doing.


You are brilliant and beautiful, potential filled and important. You are uniquely you, and no one else can be who you are. No one else can do a better job of shaping who you are to become than you yourself. So you must take charge of the narrative, keep your finger on the dial and keep tuning your mind till your inner voice gets it just right. Until you begin to hear the truth; that you are capable of learning, capable of growth, capable of improvement. Listen for the voice that tells you that you have talents that can be moulded into well-refined skills, skills that lead you into your destiny that will have all and sundry seeking you out for your services. You can be more than you are, you can do more than you are doing. You have what it takes to be one of the greats – speak it and listen to it. Every aspect of what makes up you is worth something, you are not worthless – you are worthy, and you can live a life worthy of praise and accolades and impact. So start by practicing speaking positive praise and affirmations over who you are and who you are becoming.


You are greater than the negative statements that may have been playing in your mind, more dynamic than every negative declaration; you are every good thing you aspire to be. Therefore you must continue to take stock of all the positive things you are, all the positive things you aspire to do and all the positive traits you aspire to exhibit. Stay tuned on the right frequency, soak in the positivity and listen up for the achievements and wonderful news that will soon be broadcast on your new channel.


Zeni St. John

  • SR St John

    Zeni! The Internal Tweets!
    This post and the subject you’ve dealt so beautifully with is at the core of numerous books on motivation, language and thought.
    Internal speech is the dial that tunes us to succeed or fail, to peace or to continuous pain.
    I love the radio and on air personality analogy you’ve used and labeling the voices prophets of doom and gloom.
    This issue is at the core of the Christian faith that it is done unto you according to your belief. Coincidentally that belief Christ speaks of is mirrored in the internal self dialogue each of us conducts because it seems from our mind and our thoughts. The spaces between our ears which we think of as mind is connected to the spaces in the world without painting the pictures in reality.
    The alarming thing is that unlike normal conversation moderated by physical points of articulation- tongue, lip, teeth and larynx , as well as having someone else we respond to, Internal speech is unhindered. It runs riot basically and roams at will with images and punches, no sentence structures and no one to decode. We are at once the encoder and decoder, the DJ of sorts.
    So, it is crucial to learn to use it to empower oneself and be ones own cheerleader as you said.
    “You can never escape your own voice”.
    Excellent insight.

    March 24, 2018 at 1:59 pm Reply

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