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Teaching Women to Aspire to Marriage


‘Be strategic about your dreams
Don’t just wake up and start doing anything
You must dream with your future in mind
You must consider everything

How does a husband fit into this?
And what about your kids?
You must ask yourself these questions
Before you begin to dream


You must dream responsibly
You cannot simply do what you like
Don’t undertake anything
That will sabotage you becoming a wife


Are you sure you want to be a pilot?
You will always be flying around
How can you run the race?
When your feet are never on the ground?
Where will the man even see you
When you’re always on the fly?
And even if it works
Will you live in the sky?


1, 2, 3, law degrees?
Are you very sure?
How will you submit to your husband
When you’re always quoting the law?
Please tone it down a little
Lawyers spell trouble
Pick another profession
Or he’ll think you’re not humble


An entrepreneur?
That dream is too big
You wont even have a set schedule
How will you take care of your kids?
You want to start building a business now,
Shouldn’t you focus on building a home?
Please just try and settle down
Or you will end up alone


An engineer?
When did women become engineers?
What did you say?
What did I just hear?
So you will start going to site?
And spending time with laborers?
Wow. Wow. Wow.
Just stop right there.


You want to host a talk show?
Have you met a successfully married woman who does?
Just leave that hosting business
It belongs to a different world
Maybe you can work behind the scenes
And avoid getting too much exposure
It’s better to lower your profile
Than to go over.


Working in the Presidency?
How will a man find the courage to chase you?
When the leaders of the nation
May also be trying to date you?
It doesn’t matter if you turn them down
What will people say
When you become successful
They will assume it was dirty games


Speechwriter for who?
Now you’re just borrowing trouble?
You want a boss who’s bigger than your husband?
Resign on the double.
How will you respect your husband?
When men are reporting to you?
How will you remain meek?
When you’re a boss too?


Fitness instructor?
So you will wear tight clothes every day?
And build muscles bigger than his?
Stop that rough play.
Men like their women soft
Both outside and in
Back away from the dumbbells
And step out of the gym


Don’t travel too much
It will be intimidating
No one needs a globe trotter
Focus more on your education
Don’t buy a big car
It will hinder your dating
What if he cannot afford to do same
It will ruin your ratings


You want to get a Ph-what?
I advise you to drop the thought
Now you’re doing too much
Reading much more than you ought
Mr and Dr so and so
It doesn’t sound right
Woman dream responsibly
Dream of becoming a wife


Also check your living conditions
Approach this with care
Don’t make it too comfortable
That no one is equipped to move you from there
Try not to live alone
Stay with a relative or much older female friend
After all too much independence
Is the beginning of the end


Did you hear what I said?
You must be strategic about your dreams
Just find something to occupy you
Until you meet him


So you can do and get married
It is about that time
Don’t you want to raise your kids
While you are still in your prime?


Be wise
Be careful
Be humble
Be sweet

Be gentle
Be careful
Be kind
Be meek

Be mindful
Be careful
Be small
Be obsolete

And then you shall soon meet the man of our dreams.’


Disclaimer: Do you want to end up with the man of ‘your’ dreams or the man of ‘our’ dreams? Be careful what advice you listen to. Some people give downright terrible advice… Sometimes because they lack understanding, sometimes because misery loves company, sometimes because they don’t want you to be successful and satisfied in your own right. What does your dream man look like? Wouldn’t it be dreamy if he supported and understood your dreams and aspirations? Just food for thought.

Zeni St. John

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